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New to the plant-based diet? Looking for some helpful cooking tips? Want to try out some new recipes but don’t know where to start? You will love this page with tons of FREE resources on a plant-based diet!

Vegan Protein Sources

Not sure where to get your protein on a plant-based diet? Click this simple handout and download it as a resource.

How to Eat Out on a Plant-Based Diet

Eating out can be one of the hardest (and most nerve-racking) parts of eating plant-based. It’s actually not as hard as you think! Click and download this simple guide for tips on eating out on a plant-based diet!

Cooking Hacks Cheat Sheet

5 plant-based cooking hacks you need to know! Includes some meal prep hacks too!

– Ingredient Guides –

Silken Tofu 101

What is silken tofu? What does it taste like? How do you cook with it? All the answers in this blog post!

Recipes with Silken Tofu

Meals perfect for Beginners to a Plant-Based Diet

These are recipes hand-selected by me (Allie) that are great if you are new to a plant-based diet. They are a little easier, don’t require complex ingredients, and come together relatively quickly!

Breakfast & Snack Ideas

Dinner Ideas

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